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Yoga Studio Near Me: Choosing a Yoga Studio

The word "Yoga" is an ancient Sanskrit term that refers to joining or attaching, that is, to the union and integration of all aspects of our being. At the very least, learning Yoga should help you feel less fragmented and more wholly and completely yourself. Breathe deeply and consider that for a moment!

Yoga Studio

How does this relate to choosing a Yoga studio?

Quite simply, the physical space we inhabit can reflect and influence how we feel — our health, our emotions and our mental states. To enhance your Yoga experience, find a studio that supports your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs.

Of course, no place is perfect, but many Yoga teachers invest time and expense in creating beautiful and nurturing spaces in which to teach their students.

Location, Location, Location

On a physical level, how’s the commute? Can you get to the studio and back without incurring more stress than it’s worth?

If it’s on your way to work, is there a good changing area, and are there showers available if you’re taking a hot Yoga class?

Perhaps there’s an organic cafe or juice bar close by so you can hang out with Yoga friends or get healthy takeout after class. Is the neighborhood and parking lot safe after dark?

Room to Breathe

The Yoga studio itself should be clean and well maintained with plenty of natural light. Notice the indoor air quality; it should be free of paint smells, synthetic perfume and other strong scents. If the air is too dry or too humid, your breathing will suffer.

In particular, if you plan to do a hot yoga style, notice whether the room is evenly heated and whether the air has a comfortable humidity level.

Beyond these considerations, how do you react to being in the studio? Do you feel happy and calm? Do you sense a positive energy in the room and in the teachers leading classes?

Listen to your intuition and choose a studio that feels right for you. If you do, you’ll relax and breathe more deeply the minute you walk through the door.