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Choosing a Yoga Class: Your Experience Matters

Finding the right Yoga class has a lot to do with choosing a style and curriculum that appeals to you, which is why we're thrilled to provide descriptions of Yoga styles available.

The Yoga class you choose should also be appropriate for your level of experience and ability no matter what the style.

When considering a class, notice whether it is targeted to beginners, to intermediate-level students or to Yoga students of advanced skill.

If the class description is unclear on this point, contact the teacher or studio to discuss whether the class is a good fit for your experience level.

Take Time to Enjoy the Basics

You may become discouraged or even injure yourself if you’re one of those enthusiastic beginners who decides to jump straight into an advanced class.

Yoga Class

Even if you go to the gym regularly, do martial arts, play a sport or engage in other activities requiring physical skill, it’s best to assume you’re a beginner at Yoga, until you learn more about its unique challenges and methods.

You may progress quickly, or you may find that learning Yoga is new and different and that you thrive on a more patient approach.

Finding Comfort as a Beginner

While many Yoga classes target students of specific experience levels, some ongoing classes with no fixed start or end date may be structured to integrate beginners gradually while providing more advanced instruction to longtime students.

If you’re a beginner, make sure such a class has a reasonable student-teacher ratio, so you get the attention you need.

Learning Yoga in the midst of experienced students may inspire you to progress, or you may feel a little self-conscious and prefer to join a class of beginners like you.

Enjoy Your New Class!

Even though Yoga is an ancient practice, your relationship to it is personal and unique.

Take the time to find a class that suits your level of experience and skill so that you acquire a solid foundation, feel comfortable and centered and experience the many benefits of doing, Yoga as you progress.