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Best Yoga Tops

Shopping for Yoga tops can be one of the fun aspects of being a Yoga student.

White Yoga tops

We’re not saying you need to spend a fortune on a Yoga wardrobe: a few simple pieces you may already own will often be all you need.

However, clothes designers have taken an interest in Yoga-style clothing in recent years and have produced attractive, comfortable tops for those who want to spice up their Yoga, with some new clothes.

Available choices run the gamut from simple, inexpensive tops and bottoms to elegant Yoga fashion ensembles fit for a cocktail party.

Where to Look for Yoga Tops

A simple web search will yield many companies selling Yoga tops for men and women along with mats and other supplies, while the largest selection and price range you'll find at Amazon.

Some organic clothing companies offer items like tank tops and leggings made of organic cotton or other natural fabrics, with added Lycra for stretch.

Department stores, mall chain stores and other large-scale retailers have also taken the plunge and regularly sell fashionable, practical Yoga clothes.

Because of Yoga’s popularity at the gym, don’t overlook sports retailers who offer tank tops, shorts and leggings made of synthetic wicking fabrics.

These are great tops for Ashtanga and other hot Yoga styles, where you will sweat a lot.

Clothes that Enhance Yoga

Women often prefer close-fitting, stretchy tank tops and leggings. However, if you’re a woman who likes loose tunics or T-shirts, consider wearing a form-fitting tank top or sports bra top underneath, so you can do inversions and other postures with confidence.

If you want to wear loose pants rather than leggings, you may still prefer them narrow at the ankles so they don’t ride up your legs, when you’re upside down.

Some men also wear loose, stretchy pants that taper at the bottom. If you’re a man who prefers shorts, you may wish to consider knee-length shorts or form-fitting bicycle-style shorts, so that they don’t ride up during inversions.

Above all, make sure that the clothes you choose enhance your Yoga practice by enabling you to move freely and breathe deeply!.