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About iwishyoga.com

We want to spread the word about Yoga’s benefits, the seemingly miraculous effects of this ancient practice and we want others to experience it as well!

We feel certain that anyone who begins practicing Yoga, will soon be rewarded with greater strength, flexibility, vitality and a host of other positive outcomes including lower stress, better sleep and a more grounded, happy existence!

Candles Meditation

I Wish Yoga offers descriptions of different styles of Yoga, so that prospective students will discover what is available and what may suit them best.

We also offer tips and perspectives to help Yoga students maximize Yoga’s ability to positively affect their lives and health, no matter what their abilities or circumstances.

Finally, we are pleased to refer prospective students to the best Yoga classes, so they can be guided by wonderful teachers and get to know fellow Yoga students.

Those who practice Yoga are on a journey to greater health and well-being. We invite you to read for yourself the insight and guidance we offer.