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Welcome to "I Wish Yoga"

The idea behind Yoga is simple: it focuses on movement, stillness, breath and cultivating inner peace. Those who regularly practice Yoga enjoy better physical and mental health and may be drawn to deeper meditative practices, a healthier diet and other positive lifestyle changes.

To help you establish and maintain a healthy Yoga routine, perhaps you plan to sign up for one of the many Yoga classes offered. We’re here to help you learn more about what to expect and how to find a class that works for you.

While the benefits of Yoga may be simple to envision, choosing a Yoga teacher or class can be confusing because the Yoga community offers so many different styles to choose from. Even within a particular style, each teacher’s personality and experience adds diversity and individual variation to what the style offers.


That’s why we’ve created iwishyoga.com - we want to give current and prospective introduction to some of the available Yoga types.

We want you to get an idea of what to expect when you walk into a new Yoga class, greet your fellow students and roll out your mat.

Why do so many different Yoga styles exist? While Yoga’s principles and core practices are simple and straightforward, they are also flexible and adaptable to diverse individual capacities, eras and cultures.

There is no other explanation for why this five-thousand-year old discipline continues to thrive and benefits millions of individuals of all ages.

Some Yoga styles focus on vigorous, heat-producing sequences of poses; others emphasize structure and alignment. Individuals seeking gentle, restorative poses or therapeutic protocols for injury, chronic disease, pregnancy or other special cases can also find classes taught by teachers specializing in these types of Yoga.

The tools of Yoga are its postures, breathing practices and the underlying wisdom found in ancient and modern Yoga texts alike. By adapting these tools to the needs they see around them, dedicated teachers have created and will continue to create diverse styles of Yoga to help everyone enjoy its benefits.

Read through the tips and other topics presented on our site and decide for yourself which style of Yoga would best suit your needs and interests. Best wishes on your Yoga journey!